Education Technology Professional

Craig S Tunks

Brief Introduction

Dedicated, team-orientated, and accomplished education administrator. An achiever endowed with proven motivational, interpersonal, and leadership skills. An educator who uses a dynamic and direct approach to convey knowledge in an atmosphere that fosters both independent and collaborative learning.

“Craig’s professionalism and ethical standards make him a solid decision-maker in both short and long term planning initiatives.” – Alfred Pullo, Director of Finance & Management Services

“As a building principal, I valued Craig’s expertise of technology, but even more so, his ability to see how it fits into the elementary curriculum and how to bring this knowledge into the hands of classroom teachers.” – Sheila Casinelli, Director of Instruction

“…he managed the town-wide radio project for all school buildings that interconnected them to emergency services. He also created an IT internship program with local colleges and installed video conferencing to support distance learning in the high school.” –Lee Reynolds Crouch, Board of Education Member

“Patient with teachers, but always challenging them to grow and try new approaches, teachers recognize that this is a technology director that understands high-quality teaching and assessment.” – Dr. Richard Canfield, Assistant Superintendent of Schools

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