Craig Tunks is the Director of Digital Learning and Innovation for Weston Public Schools and oversees both the Education Technology (ET) and Information Technology (IT) teams.  In this role, he actively supports teaching and learning by ensuring the needs of the classroom are at the forefront of all decisions. He is also the chairman and one of the founding members of the Connecticut Education Technology Leaders (CTETL) Association.  Through this organization, Craig leads a team of education technology professionals developing programs to support other technology professionals to ensure classroom technology integration is successful throughout the State. He has been developing and managing technology systems for over 20 years for the financial industry, public schools, and municipalities. He has a master’s degree in computer science as well as doctorates in computer science and education administration.  He has been teaching information technology as an adjunct college professor for over 10 years. He finds continual inspiration through his students and is encouraged to promote and support the integration of the NETS and AASL standards as well as social networking throughout all aspects of education.

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